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The Old John Peel Inn,
 Rayrigg Rd,
 Bowness - On - Windermere,
 LA23 3BZ


Here at the John Peel we have created a family friendly atmosphere, no loud dance music and no blaring sports on TV. Year after year we welcome old friends and new to taste the guest ales and dine with us. We have gone back to basics, good traditional home made food, varying guest ales, traditional ales (see good beer guide), good service and polite conversation.

The pub is made up of two rooms serviced by two bars, the larger of the two rooms is open for hire for weddings, coach parties etc.

Now then the history about the name, no not the D.J., no not even the guy who founded the police force (or his brother for that matter), but a local huntsman

John Peel’s birth date is not known but he was baptised on Sept 24th 1777 at Caldbeck, one of thirteen children growing up on a small farm called Greenrigg, at a young age John was introduced to an equestrian life. He had no schooling as such but he did learn to write. Peel began to keep a few hounds to help with his fathers land. As a young man it is said that he was six feet tall and broad, this helped in him pulling a younger woman, whom he eloped with to Gretna Green her name Mary White. Mary bore him thirteen children, seven daughters and six sons. With marrying Mary Peel gained land and some wealth. He farmed his own land and became a horse dealer. So good were his horses it was said that John could have a few pints down the local, when legless he could be placed upon his horse and it would take him home. His hunting skills were second to none, hunting twice a week, for over fifty years. His last hunt was a week before he died at the age of 78 on the 13th Nov 1854 he was buried in Caldbeck church, joined in his grave with his wife and the only two children who were not present at the funeral.

A song has been written about John Peel by one of his friends John Woodcook Graves, the words (or some of them) are framed on our wall. John Peels ridding crop and stirrups are also on display. So come see us say hello and soak up some local history.

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Music for John Peel`s song.

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